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Why choose Foam it Green kits over another spray foam kit on the market?

We have green indicator foam. Yellow-plus-blue-equals-green foam to be specific. That way you know you have the right mix the whole way through your project, minimizing waste. With every other kit on the market, both components are yellow, so you won’t know if the foam is mixing right to cure correctly until you wait and see. So, if you spray off-ratio, since it’s yellow whether or not it’s working, you can blow through a whole kit and waste it, not knowing until you later see it running down the wall! With Foam it Green you would know to stop and adjust if it is blue or yellow. Green means go!

We have the best gun in the business. The face of the gun has been designed to have two, solid ear clips so the nozzles won’t fly off during spray. Many competitor guns have just a single clip at the top. All of Foam it Green’s guns are pressure tested before shipping out.

We have temperature strips on the tanks to help you know the kit is up to temp and ready to be sprayed. Improper tank temperature is the #1 cause of off-ratio spraying.

You get a full 10 mixing nozzles with each Foam it Green 602. You may have extra, and that’s ok! It’s a lot better than running short and shutting down the project to wait for more.

Our fast rise, closed cell foam is ASTM E84 Class 1 fire retardant insulation, standard. We don’t offer a cheaper version of the foam that isn’t Class 1 because we don’t want people accidentally buying potentially less-safe foam because it appears to be a few dollars less expensive.

Our fast rise, closed cell foam is ASTM G21 Anti-Microbial adding mold stopping power to your project.

We have us. The team here at Foam it Green has decades of experience with the low pressure spray systems and applicable projects.

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Most projects are best suited to be attacked with closed cell foam. While it is initially more expensive, that increase in density will reward you with more structural stability, a higher R value, and moisture stopping power.

Still have questions about which foam might be best for your project? Just give us a call so we can have a project expert walk you through it – 1-833-FOAM-IT-G